“Whenever a person performs any act with all his heart and soul, that act becomes the path. Endless meditation, if half hearted, will take you nowhere; whereas just singing a simple song with all your being merged in it, or dance a dance with the same total absorption and you will reach God. The question is not what you do, but how much of yourself you involved in the act” - OSHO


Shakti is the primordial creative energy of the soul. Through her the universe is made manifest. All existence is animated through her Divine Breath. She expresses herself through the manifold forms of life.


Dance can be one of the purest expressions of our being. The soul is reflected when we are in most intimate contact with ourselves. When the body is massaged through movement and mindfulness, dance becomes yoga. When physical tensions are released then the mind relaxes and expands to transcendence. Dormant body parts awaken, empowered with awareness, and the energy of music and feeling flows creatively through us.

~Shakti Dance~

Shakti Dance is the yoga of dance. It is a sacred dance form which has its roots in the science and tradition of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Sara Avtar Olivier is the creator and founder of this discipline and its yogic system.

The discipline of Shakti Dance implements insights drawn from yogic philosophy to awaken and embody universal principles of harmonious movement. It also develops an understanding of the qualities and levels of energy induced throught different dance movements and styles.

It fuses breath, motion and mindfulness to expand the practitioner's consciousness.


» releases tension and emotional patterns
» reduces stress and increases vitality
» expands awareness and increases self confidence
» invigorates all body systems
» increases flexibility, agility, muscle tone
» improves posture and alignment
» heightens sensory perception
» develops inner harmony and graceful movement


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